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About Us

You have discovered the luxury destination for elevator shoes. Unlike the Asian imports you may already own, these height increasing shoes are made by hand in Italy from the finest full grain Italian leather, calfskin suede and other top quality materials.

For over 100 years, our family has been involved in making luxury shoes by hand (cordwainers). Now, you can get the same quality shoes with a hidden lift to make you stand taller in style.

These shoes are as close as you will come to 'bespoke' elevator shoes, made especially for you. That's because you have your choice of lift – 2.4 in(6cm) or 2.75in(7cm) or 3.1in(8cm). You can even order a full 4 in.(10cm) lift in the sneaker collection.

Discover the many benefits of owning a pair of Luxury Elevator Shoes, from GuidoMaggi. Famous celebrities have already found these shoes to be exactly what they were looking for. Now, you can have them for your very own.

Become an ardent fan of these shoes. You'll be glad you did.