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Winter 2016

Time to step into a new season with the Winter 2016 Collection from GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. This is an eclectic selection of footwear and accessories that will 'lead the pack' in fashion, innovation, and moving forward into the New Year. If you need more than just 'tall shoes', these spectacular models will give you all that, and more!

  • First up, for round toe cap style footwear, there's Vibram soles, for surefooted traction. These Dainite-like outsoles have recessed studs that grip the slipperiest of surfaces better than regular non-slip soles. Best of all, you can order these soles for any style of round toe cap footwear in any collection (sorry, not for square toe cap styles).

  • Next, Dope is the word! That's Italian for two-toned, and is becoming the hottest look for this cold weather season. You'll also find new two-toned sneaker looks that really rock!

  • Then there's the spats-style sneakers that give you a flexible, changeable look, depending on the venue (and your mood).

  • Also, for you biker types, there's a 'greased look' leather boot style that's just right for riding, partying, and hanging out.

  • If you're more of a back-to-nature kind of guy, check out the Camouflage boots, tanned with all natural vegetable dyes.

In addition, there are selections of exotic leather for bespoke footwear that are second to none, for special orders. Extra long python leather is available for both boots and shoes. Plus, there's a limited selection of genuine South African ostrich leather, for the discerning footwear fanatic.

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