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Extra Comfort Elevator Shoes

GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes now offers you what you really want: shoes that increase height, with extra comfort for all day wear. So many of you have asked for height increase without the pain of uncomfortable fit, especially if the footwear has to be worn for extended periods of time. Now, that extra comfort you want is ready for you, right here. These are styles that emphasize what feels best for your feet, while discreetly increasing your height.

First up, and very elegant, are Wholecut upper styles. These shoes are made from a single piece of carefully selected leather for the upper, rather than smaller pieces sewn together. You get more comfort, and longer life for your shoes, too. These Wholecut shoes are only available from cordwainers who craft each shoe by hand. That's what GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes does best!

Next are slip-on styles, with softer outsoles, to give your feet more cushioning as you stand and walk, all day long. As always, these Extra Comfort shoes are made with the 21st Century lift technology that makes GuidoMaggi a brand apart from the mass produced 'lift shoes' that are just regular shoes with inferior lifts inside. Add to that the 'memory foam' insole, and you have all the extra comfort you can get in shoes that make you taller. As you carefully peruse each style, imagine the extra comfort you could be enjoying, right now, and order as many as you like!

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